Exploration is a messy process. It is easy to get lost when we try to do everything at once.

Innovations Jams
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You can take the wrong turn even if you pick just one idea to execute without any proof it is working.


What is a Hackathon


During a Hackathon we will help you to find the best solution to a common challenge by generating and exploring several ideas.

Hackathons can be designed in several different formats, for example meet ups, sprints, kick offs or gatherings.

A Hackathon takes place within a specific time frame, for example 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 2 days or longer.

Hackathons introduce and educate participants about the value of an innovation process.

The Innovation Process


ROI from Hackathons


Efficiency & focus: To break out from day to day context for motivation and inspiration.


Collaboration over borders: To break down organizational silos and enable cross discipline ideation and collaboration.


Enhance innovation skills: Teach participants how to solve challenges using the innovation process.


Get a successful start: Kick start innovation investments with quick wins and great momentum.


Minimize risk for wrong investments: Ensure that you are investing in the right things by capturing and testing ideas from a diverse group
of people.


Culture for innovation: Build creative confidence and foster an innovative culture.


Identify winning ideas: Find the ideas that can become tomorrow’s core business.

Let us support you in getting the most out of your Hackathon!



How the Hackathon works


In order to get most out of your Hackathon you need to define why you are having one and how you are going to manage planning, execution and follow up. It is important to have the commitment from the participants and to assure that there are resources to take care of the outcome of the Hackathon. ideation360 has organized many Hackathons and can support you with all components needed to organize a successful event.

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