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We exist to empower

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If your company is getting ready to start it’s innovation efforts, you have come to the right place. The ideation360 platform and methodology have been developed based on our practical experience working with innovation in many different organizations and contexts. We support your organization and work together with your team to make you succeed with innovation.

We believe that ideation360 will become the platform for creativity within companies, similar to how social platforms are supporting creativity outside of work. We are creating the infrastructure to use creativity to solve big challenges, move forward in your career and propel your organization in the right direction. Endless opportunities to create real change in the world.

We believe in the

power of creativity

and diversity.

We want to support

pioneers in succeeding

with their efforts.

The field of innovation management is still in it’s early development stages but the ever increasing adoption rate makes this one of the most exciting areas to work with. In a few years all organizations will work with innovation in a structured and focused way. The possibility to take the lead is now and ideation360 will be supporting you in gaining a competitive edge with innovation.



Our Six Strengths

Practitioners backed by Data

We’re not only talking about innovation or building software for it, we practice what we preach. When developing ideation360 we used learnings and insights from our database with over 1000 organizations from 62 countries. The ideation360 platform and methodology has been created in co-operation with our customers since the start.


Building up your capabilities

We believe in long-term sustainable solutions. ideation360 builds up the organizations’ own innovation capabilities and skills through training, coaching and support. Assuring that your organization has the readiness to innovate for many years to come.

Our Story

Global network of innovation experts

ideation360 can support you locally anywhere in the world. We have over 100 innovation professionals in over 20 countries licensed and trained in our methods and platforms. The network of professionals helps us to constantly improve our approach by gathering the learnings from projects around the world.


A modern platform for years to come

Unlike many other idea management platforms ideation is built with future needs in mind. ideation360 is 100% SaaS based and the user experience has been one of the most important factors when developing the platform.

A holistic approach to innovation

To succeed with innovation you need a shift in mindset, ways of working and ways of measuring progress. ideation360 supports the full exploration process all the way from collecting ideas to creating a competitive innovation portfolio across time horizons.


The future way of working

Innovation is an ongoing process and mindset. All organizations are going to need to make this transformation in order to stay in business as the pace of change is faster than ever and only increasing. Make sure your organization is ready for the future.


Let’s work together!

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