Innovation360’s Mission & Motivation


ideation360 is a subsidiary to Innovation360 Group. We work closely with our parent company and share the same mission. To help organizations all over the world to assess and strengthen their innovation capabilities for sustainable growth and profit.

We are convinced that by supporting and strengthening the global innovation capability needed for sustainability we will contribute to addressing many of humanity’s grand challenges, e.g: Food, Energy, Water, Security, Global Health, Education, Environment, Poverty and Space.


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How it fits together


Innovation360 focuses on three different aspects of innovation. From understanding your strengths and capabilities, to designing an innovation system based on those preconditions, and then finally implementing the changes in order to start building an innovation portfolio. ideation360’s focus is on the pillar connected to change. In order to succeed with your transformation a supporting system is needed and that is exactly what we at ideation360 can support you with.


How it all started


In 2008 Innovation360’s co-founder and CEO Magnus Penker set out to answer the question what makes companies innovative. The result was the framework and tool InnoSurvey. Which since then has been used to assess and strengthen many organizations innovation capabilities. Along the way additional methods, tools and processes has been invented to help companies succeed with innovation.


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