Our Key Differentiators

Our Key Differentiators

We would like to share a few highlights on why ideation360 is unique, and why you can trust us as your innovation partner.


    • Based on world leading methodology and research – Together with our parent company Innovation360 Group, we have a holistic perspective on innovation, the knowledge, and platforms to systematically (and successfully) innovate. Only an ideation platform will not help organizations succeed, it needs to be part of an innovation management system.


    • Market Intelligence – We sit on market intelligence (10+ years of research and data from 6000+ companies in 62 countries). ideation360 was built based on learnings and insights from this intelligence. We developed the platform together with 10 companies from day one, and are practicing what we preach through testing and involving clients in every step of the process – hence we know it works out in the real world.


    • Global Community – Thanks to our Licensed Practitioners in 30+ countries, we have Innovation experts around the world to support implementation. We can offer local support and coaching with the stability and security of a global platform.


    • Multi Platform – Creativity is rarely linear and ideas can come to us at any time. Therefore ideation360 exists as an App (both iOS and Android), on the Web, and via iFrame in order to always collect ideas where your ideators are.


    • Internal & External Ideation at Scale – Grass root innovation and co-creation is made possible in quick iterations. It is simple to invite many people both internally and externally, to drive campaigns, do co-creations, and open innovation efforts on the same platform.


    • Habit Forming – Ideation occurs continuously, it’s not a one time event or an Innovation Theatre. There is a built-in notification system and feedback loops that motivates, informs, and creates habits for both quick wins and long term culture.


    • Full Process Support – We offer full process support from idea to reality, not only the collection of ideas. The most difficult part of the innovation process is the selection, organizing, spotting trends/themes, and testing via hypotheses and experiments – a process which we support.


    • Automated Feedback – To quickly give feedback to ideators we have automated parts of the feedback loop, where notifications will be sent whenever the idea moves forward in the process. This saves time from manual feedback (especially in large corporations), and motivates a culture of innovation.


    • Strategic Connection – The ideation is created with purpose, direction and proceeded from business critical matters. Idea campaigns are thereby connected to a strategy which in turn creates a structure that scales over time, and builds an idea base filled with creativity. The best way to future proof an organization’s growth and/or profit.


    • Diversity Fosters Creativity – Everyone can submit ideas, 1+1 = 3! There is a feed, just like on social media platforms, in both the app and web to build on each others ideas. This fosters a culture of innovation, transparency and collaboration. The ideas also often become more interesting when you cross-pollinate between teams, roles and regions.


    • Ease of Use – We designed the app with one guiding principle: One click ideation. There are no friction or barriers to enter an idea. Simply press the “+”-button and your idea is submitted. Our user experience is modern, and the infrastructure cloud based.


    • Capture Ideas & Learnings Forever – As we digitalize the innovation process, we are building a database of creativity to be prepared for the future. It provides process owners and stakeholders with a strucutre that scales over time where learnings and ideas don’t disappear. Innovation is a about timing therefore it is important to store data in a structured way.


  • Built by Innovation Experts – We are not the typical software company! As we are all innovation experts and have been practicioners for many years, we know the challenges one faces with innovation. We are in the same boat and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


If you have questions or want further support, feel free to email me at sofie@ideation360.com


Happy reading!


//Sofie, Co-Founder and CEO ideation360




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