We need your insights!

We need your insights!

The 25th-26th November students from Sweden’s biggest tech universities will gather for a Hackathon to support SOS Alarm in finding new solutions for current and future needs. The overarching goal is to create a safer society with the help of new technology, insights and behaviors.

Data points

  • 6 Calls per minute to 112
  • 200 languages available through translations
  • Close to one million “false” calls 
  • 127 callouts every 24 hours

Open Questions

  • How would you like this to work in the future?
  • How does the future emergency call look like?
  • How do we know what is happening when we hear sirens?
  • How can you use body sensors to improve security in society?
  • How do we solve the challenge that ambulances can’t arrive before the police has arrived?
  • How can we leverage mobile phone tracking?
  • Which apps do you want in your phone when your friend gets a heart attack?
  • How do we decrease the amount of false alarms during a fire?

We invite you to contribute with thoughts, ideas, and real life observations – which may be ones you’ve seen yourself, experienced, or just thought or heard about. All reflections are valuable for this hackathon to truly generate value!
A few examples;
“When an ambulance drives past me on the street, I get worried and wonder what has happened”
“When I receive a patient in the emergency room, I wish I knew more from the emergency call”


We need your contribution! If you have questions – contact agnes.savenstedt@innovation360group.com


/The Hackathon Team


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