We need your insights!

The 25th-26th November students will be gathered from Sweden’s universities in a Hackathon to help SOS Alarm find new solutions for current or future needs, which will enable us to create a safer society.

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How do we increase creativity in the workplace?

ideation360 was built to help organisations capture the best ideas and turn them into business impact. Let’s kick off an ideation on a topic we are all passionate about: How do we increase creativity at work? 

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Hackathon 2.0 – Stop the Innovation Theatre

The world is changing faster than ever but it will probably never change this slowly again. This means that organizations around the world need to organize for constant change, for always exploring new opportunities – in parallel with their current core business.

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Our Co-Creation Journey Cover

Co-Create Our Next Book With Us: Share Your Innovation Techniques

Together with our parent company Innovation360 we are writing a book series in five parts, “The Complete Guide To Business Innovation”, based on key findings from work we and our Licensed Practitioners in +20 countries have done over the past years.

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