What is the role of an Innovation Manager?

The client has one or several Innovation Managers authorized by the admins or owner. An admin can Create / edit / delete ideations, create / edit / delete campaigns, form hypotheses and design experiments. Innovation Managers are often part of the Innovation Task Force.

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Which payment provider does ideation360 use?

We use DIBS Payment Services, a well-established public company for payment solutions.

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What content is included in the e-learning academy?

Research shows that it is relatively easy to collect ideas but more difficult to cluster, select and test them the correct way. Our e-learning academy guides you through a full cycle of ideation, selection and testing. In addition, it supports you in connecting ideation to the strategic models needed to innovate successfully in different time horizons (12 months, 24-36 months and beyond 36 months), tips on building the right culture, and portfolio management.

The e-learning material consists of short online video tutorials and supporting templates for you to use in the process. It is available online for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Enterprise clients.

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What does innovation portfolio management mean?

An organisations innovation initiatives can be divided into different time spans, also called horizons. Managing your portfolio in the first (the coming 12 months), second and third Horizons (the coming 12-36 months and beyond 36 months) reduces risk and creates short-term and long-term returns. In order to successfully manage ideation and exploration in the different horizons, knowledge about different models is needed.

Generating ideas in Horizon 1 is relatively easy. Coming up with ideas in Horizons 2 and 3 is not as straight forward. Being able to cluster, cross-reference and collect ideas from many sources are all crucial activities in the process. After clustering and selecting ideas, many small rapid experiments need to be carried out to learn whether the ideas are worth investing in or not. Ideation360 is the first platform on the market to support the full explorative part of the innovation process

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Is there an Enterprise Offering?

Yes, you can read more about it here.

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What happens when I reach the maximum number of administrators, ideators, or ideas?

An email will be sent to the registered administrator before the maximum limit is reached. You can then choose to either upgrade or stay with your current subscription. If you choose to stay with your current subscription you can still access all of your information but not collect additional ideas or invite new ideators/admins.

With Bronze, Silver and Gold subscriptions all ideas submitted after the the limit is reached will be saved and can be retrieved upon an upgrade. If you reach the limit for the Gold subscription you will be offered an Enterprise Solution or the option to buy the extra accounts or ideas needed.

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Can I set up open ideation campaigns?

Yes. You can allow people to register (opt in) or invite people via email through the platform. Anyone (employees, partners, members or customers) can be added as ideators- all we need is a valid email address to register the account.

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What is the maximum number of ideators / ideas?

The maximum number is 1 000 000 ideas and 500 000 ideators. If you have other needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@ideation360.com or have a look at the Enterprise Offer.

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Can I get training and coaching in innovation management?

ideation360 offers a starter kit to get you started with the ideation and selection part of the innovation process. Contact info@ideation360.com for more information.

ideation360’s parent company Innovation360 Group and their licensed consultants in 20+ countries across the world are also experts in setting up the full innovation system including strategy, leadership, and culture.

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Where can I learn more about innovation management?

You can read more about Innovation on our blog, our parent company’s Blog and their InnoMember Area.

In addition, the Silver and Gold subscriptions have e-learning academy included covering topics such as ideation, selection, experiments, prototyping, culture, leadership and portfolio management for innovation.

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What languages are supported in ideation360?

ideation360 is currently supported for English, Swedish and Spanish language.

Shortly it will also be supported for: French, German, Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Turkish and Portuguese.

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Can I add my logotype to ideation360’s products?

Yes, you can read about it in our Enterprise Offering.

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Can I integrate ideation360 into my website?

ideation360 allows you to collect ideas through the web portalthe app or an iFrame that you can paste into any website (for example an intranet or a user community). The integration is simple – just copy the iFrame code and paste it into your CMS system. More advanced integrations are included in the Enterprise Offering.

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What is an Innovation Board?

The Innovation Board (IB) is a group of people often consisting of executives, but can also include external experts or employees. The IB identifies strategic initiatives and strategic areas of interest. The IB then sets up a project team to drive exploration within the strategic areas of interest. This project team is called Innovation Taskforce (ITF) and it reports to the IB. ITF and IB meet on a regular basis to revisit strategic initiatives, follow up on experiments, and decide on next steps for each initiative.

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What is an Innovation Taskforce?

This is an appointed group of people who are responsible for the explorative phase of innovation projects. They use ideation360 to collect ideas through open innovation efforts or specific campaigns, and both screen and cluster ideas followed by small and rapid experiments. They report their findings and recommended next steps to the Innovation Board (IB) who thereafter make the decisions.

Normally a chairperson leads the ITF and reports back to the IB. It is recommended that the leader dedicates 100% of their time and remaining team members about 20% of their time to ITF.

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How do I work with hypotheses, experiments and prototypes?

Hypotheses, experiments and prototypes are components in the innovation process that helps you to generate, form, select and test ideas before deciding to invest in them.

Hypotheses are assumptions you make based on one or many ideas about what impact you think the idea(s) will have if they were to be realized.

Experiments is defined as the way you choose to test your hypotheses. They can look very different depending on what you’re trying to learn about.

Prototypes is a fake or simplified version of a solution that can be used in experiments to test the hypotheses cost-efficiently and rapidly.

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How do I install ideation360 in my organisation?

ideation360 is cloud based, and therefore no installation is needed for the different subscriptions. All you have to do is to sign up and sign in on the web and download the app. If you have an Enterprise Solution there may be some level of system integration needed depending on the solution you have. Contact info@ideation360.com if you have questions.

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How do I give feedback on ideas?

All users can comment and rate ideas in the campaigns they are invited to. Automatic feedback is sent to the idea owner when something happens to the idea (comments, ratings or if the idea is clustered with other ideas).

All ideas in the system are marked with a specific ID which means that even if it gets clustered with other ideas, feedback will still be sent individually to all ideators owning an idea in the cluster. This allows an ideator to follow the idea through the different phases of exploration even if they’re not actively taking part in the experiments. This allows global collaboration at scale with instant feedback which builds a healthy innovation culture where people feel like their ideas and creativity matters.

It is also possible to send customised feedback though email when needed.

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How do I leave ideas?

One of the main goals with ideation360 is to reduce the barrier of contributing with ideas, and it should also be irrespective of wherever you are, and whenever creativity hits you. For that reason, ideas can be submitted through the web portalthe app or through an iFrame that can be pasted into any website (for example an intranet or user community).

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What is the role of an admin?

In ideation360 you can either be an ideator or an administrator. As an ideator you can submit ideas, comment and rate other peoples ideas. As an administrator you can do more advanced tasks such as setting up strategic initiatives, creating campaigns, cluster and select ideas, form hypotheses, and set up experiments. Admins are usually part of an Innovation Task Force (read more about the Innovation Task Force in the FAQ).

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What is the role of an ideator?

In ideation360 you can either be an ideator or an administrator. As an ideator you can leave ideas, comment and rate other peoples ideas. An ideator can be anyone an organisation would like to have input from. Some examples are employees, members, partners or customers.

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Why do I need a digital system for idea collection and innovation management?

Everything we do starts with ideation and selection- getting this part right is crucial for success!

At ideation360 we want to enable organisations to create breakthrough innovations by using all of their employees, customers, members and partners creativity. We believe this is the only sustainable way to not only keep up with the phase of change but to transform it to your advantage.

As far as we know we are the only platform in the world that can support you throughout the whole exploration phase by combining a web interface, an app interface and iFrames.

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