Why Invest in Innovation


Why Invest in Innovation

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We live in a world that is changing faster than ever, and it will probably never change this slow again. Macro forces such as globalization, digitalization and technological development have turned everything we use to know upside down. Here are a few examples that I found in a very long report with a lot of numbers. I simplified, not modified, the graphs for your convenience.

The feelings we experience due to all of these changes are many and on a broad spectrum.


The need to innovate was pushed in our faces with such intensity and frequency that we left 2016 feeling something like this.

For an organisation, rapid change comes down to one thing: “If you want to be around in the long run you need to innovate”. Traditional R&D departments have seen themselves surpassed by one-size fits all design sprints, open innovation platforms, corporate ventures, incubators and the star of the show … startups.


If change is the new normal, then speed is the new black; and because of this, the way of working with innovation is rapidly changing. Using the full organisation’s potential and creativity to drive towards a desired strategic direction becomes crucial in order to stay in business and be an attractive employer.

As an organisation, you need to slice your long term goals into strategic initiatives, collect ideas from the people you think can help you reach those goals, group and select ideas, and connect hypotheses to the selected ideas in order to run experiments. By testing the ideas, you can take informed decisions based on facts, not gut feeling, on how to spend your time and resources to move forward. While there are many platforms out there to support execution, there is no plattform to support the full process of exploration … until now.

At ideation360 we strive to become the world’s leading platform for exploration. We want to enable organisations to shift from merely execution to in parallell explore new opportunities. We strive to make organisations ambidextrous. Why? Because we believe that this is the only sustainable way to, not only keep up with the pace of change, but also to use it to your advantage.

ideation360’s methodology today is what Lean Startup was in 2008. Join the revolution, be a pioneer, you’re the voice, let us help you build up the capabilities to succeed today, tomorrow, forever.


Email us, or sign up for free here – we’ll be in touch shortly to get you ramped up!


Happy ideation!


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